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The Great Indian Cricket Show- Part 1

It is that time of the year, where enemies become friends and friends become enemies. Where you start loving the players whom you hated and start hating the players whom you loved for the past few months. It is the IPL time of the year!!!

IPL 2020 has seen a lot of drama. Mumbai Indians have managed to come over their even year vows and defended the title making them the most successful team in the history of IPL and Delhi Capitals finally showing what they are capable of. The usual culprits CSK stood 7th in the points table lacking “the spark” in the tournament. A lot has happened since then players have played a lot of cricket and with all the important T20 WC insight each one of them would be wanting to use it as the perfect platform to get in the groove!

Anyways, we were able to catch all the captains in a room (we overheard their conversation lol!) so, here are some of the excerpts:

Rohit Sharma (opening the studio door): You know I really don’t understand why you guys are here! You know we will hit a treble this year!

Rishabh Pant (taking Samaira Sharma into his arms): Rohit bhaiyya, did you forget the last time we almost gave run for your money? This time we might actually do a heist.

Rohit Sharma: Good luck with that, because it is an odd year and you know what happens in an odd year!

Virat Kohli (shadow batting): Not all the years will be the same Rohit! You broke the jinx of even year last time and maybe this time it might “E saala cup Namde”!

Sanju Samson: Guys! Cooldown we are here to have fun and spread some happiness!

David Warner: Mate, tell that to your social media admin! The last time he/she was really after the Hyderabadi Biryani!

KL Rahul: Haha true that quiz time: name the team I am representing?!

VK: What dumb questions is that? It is Kings XI Punjab!

KL: Haha! Got you Virat! We got a makeover this time! We are now the “Punjab Kings!”

RP: Good choice KL, the renaming thing definitely helped us guess the teams in the north are cursed

Eoin Morgan: Guys, can anyone tell me where I can get a cup of tea? It will help calm my nerves

DW: What are you concerned about mate? Is it the captaincy?

EM: No mate, not that it's just the nerves of a new tournament. You know this year we are looking stronger than ever we also added Shakib so all good for us!

RS: But still I don’t understand the logic behind your strategies guys!

DW: well somebody is getting overconfident here. Mind you all last year we were battling with injuries but still made it to the playoffs. Now, this time around we are a full squad with all the players in form I leave the result to your imagination itself!

KL: Good luck with that Davey, this time I am going to unleash KL 2.0 and I wish good luck to all your bowlers!

VK: Is the 2.0 similar to what we saw in the T20I series?

KL (looking annoyed): Only I had some time to get settled.

RS: Yeah, yeah in T20 you will get a lot of time to settle in!

DW: Guys someone teach me the Dabaang move I would love to do it on TikTok

VK, RS, KL, SS, RP (in a single tone): we don’t do TikTok here Davey.

DW: Cool… cool cool

VK: Anyways guys, whoever wins I hope everyone enjoys the tournament and stay safe while doing that.

RS: You know who is going to lift that trophy in May

Suddenly the entrance door opens all the players turn towards it they can see a figure emerging from the shadows wearing a Yellow Jersey with army camouflage on his shoulders. Everybody stands in a sense of respect to him

MS Dhoni: Did you guys forget that I am the oldest player in this game?

Everybody gives an intense look at MS, staring right at his eyes….and then everyone starts doing what they were doing earlier.

(This is just an imaginary conversation which we created, and it is not meant to offend anyone)

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