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Australian Football League....Your quarantine sports fix

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Most of the tournaments around the world have come to halt due to Corona Pandemic. And we also appreciate most of the people staying in your homes to arrest the spread of the pandemic! We know the sports lover in you wants to see some live action! So, after some digging and research we found out that there is one championship that is being held despite this pandemic, i.e “Australian Rules Football!”

Photo by Scott Barbour/AFL Media/Getty Images

Never heard of it? yeah, it was the same for us. But, it's not that difficult a game (at least to watch!). This game was born in Australia in 1859! The people than in Australia wanted to develop a game more suited for the adults and thus came the idea of “Aussie Rules football!”

Most of the games are played on modified cricket grounds. This is similar to Rugby but the scoring pattern and ways are different, there are four poles placed at the end of the field. Now, if you kick the ball in between the two sets of poles you get 6 points, and if you manage to kick the ball in between two poles you get 1 point. The team scoring the most points win. The ball can be passed among teammates through handballing or kicking. The most significant aspect of this game is the “mark”. Mark essential means that if a player tackles the ball after it has travelled about 10-15 meters in the air, then the opposition players cannot tackle them. But, if an opposing player does tackle then the team gets a penalty and they have to concede about 15 meters! And if you think this weird the most bizarre fact is Referee starts the game by hurling the ball on the ground and the 2 teams fight for possession!

Players play with no safety, and it is a physically demanding game to play! It is played 18 players on each side. Despite the pandemic, the association has gone forward to start the season on time. But, all the games are being played with no spectators. If you like it you can give it a shot, you can watch all the live games on the AFL website. Go watch it! You can thank us later!

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