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Cricket Starter Pack during COVID-19!

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Cricket is back! You read it right! Unless you are living under a rock you probably know that West Indies is all set to take on the host nation England for a 3 match test series. Now, the strange feeling about this series is I don’t remember the time when people were excited about a test series which involved West Indies! And the uncertainty around this series due to the current pandemic situation. There have been rule changes by ICC, and also teams are following a bio-secure environment trying their best to not fall prey to COVID-19.

Pic Credits: Philip Brown/Popperfoto via Getty Images

Cricket will not be the same and you need to get accustomed to it. So, before you gear up to watch the men in shining white armor fight each other. Here is your quick guide to what rules have changed in the world of cricket

No Audience:

Well, this is a no brainer right! Until the COVID situation gets under control, fans will not be allowed for live matches! *searches for best OTT plan for cricket!

Ban of Usage of Saliva on Cricket Ball:

This was the most debated rule change. It is a well-known fact that saliva is used to make the ball swing. This is every fast bowler's best friend and the way you shine the ball plays a very important role in the delivery of the ball. But, as desperate times call for desperate measures, ICC banned the usage of saliva on the ball. Bowlers across the world have asked permissions to ICC to allow the usage of foreign material on the ball. But, ICC did not approve the same. Umpires were told to show leniency if a bowler breaks the rule as it might take time for bowlers to adjust for the new normal. Umpires will issue 2 warnings for the same and if they receive the 3rd warning the batting will be awarded 5 penalty runs!

COVID-19 Substitute:

If a player displays any symptoms of COVID-19, he can be replaced during the match and it will be a like-for-like substitute. This rule is applicable only for test matches and not for ODI’s and T20I’s.

Usage of Non-Neutral Umpires:

As most of the countries have halted foreign travel, it will be a logistical nightmare to transport umpires from one country to another. Hence, to counter the issue ICC issued guidelines to use the umpires from the host nation itself. But, the match referee will be from a neutral country and will conduct any hearings via online video conferencing.

Additional DRS Reviews:

As umpires will be from host nations and might not be of the same standard as international umpires, to facilitate them teams are awarded an extra DRS review. So, for test matches, it will be 3 reviews and for limited-overs, it will be 2.

Additional Logo on Test Jersey’s!

The ICC has relaxed its rule regarding test match apparel, allowing a logo not exceeding 32 square inches in size, can be placed on the chest of Test match test and also the sweater used by players. This can be an additional way of generating revenue!


About the Author

The post is written by Himanth. He is an alum of IIMV,a potter head, considers cricket his religion and Sachin his god.

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