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Kings XI Punjab vs Delhi Capitals : 5 Talking Points !!!

“If this is how IPL 2020 is going to be, then I want more of it”

- Anonymous, Circa 2020

It is just the second match of the IPL and we have already witnessed a super over game. This game was like a mini version of the 2019 WC final with a lot of controversies and the game swinging like a pendulum. Let us have a look at the moments when the pendulum was at its extreme.

1) Delhi’s Top order Collapse

A team spoilt for choices in batting is reeling at 13-3. The ball was swinging for Sheldon Cottrell and he was tormenting the DC batsmen. However the batsman, in all fairness, threw their wickets away and put immense pressure on their middle order.

2) Jordan’s last over goes for 30 runs

Punjab had done well to tighten the grip on DC after a good partnership between Shreyas Iyer and Rishabh Pant. However, with the score at 127-7 after 19 overs, Stoinis went berserk on Chris Jordan and took him for 26 runs. The last ball he bowled was a no ball and the resulting free hit fetched 3 runs. How costly were those 4 extra runs? Very costly

3) The Wrongly Called Short Run

A batting capitulation by Punjab chasing 158 was nullified spectacularly by Mayank Agarwal’s 89. There was a controversial incident in the 19th over where Punjab were denied 2 runs and were given only 1 run for a short run. Replays showed that it was not a short run and Punjab should have got 2 runs, which could have changed the outcome of the game. More pressure on umpires here! To know more about pressure on umpires, watch our Umpire’s Call series on Youtube. For every like the video gets, we will donate towards the noble cause of “Please Refer to the Third Umpire” foundation.

4) Punjab’s last 3 balls

Steve Smith, get ready to copyright your Brain Fade phrase. It will be used a lot to describe this game. It’s clearly not the case of once bitten twice shy, because Bangladesh was already bitten in the 2016 T20 WC and I never thought I would see such a defeat again.

5) Punjab fails in the Super Over

If throwing away an easy win in the 20th wasn’t enough of brain fade, how about terrible shot selection in the super over? KL Rahul and Pooran probably thought all 10 players can bat in the super over, except Mayank Agarwal of course, who was apparently cramping. They posted just 2 runs, which wasn’t super enough to defend. DC chased it in two balls.

A fantastic exhibition, leaving a lot of parties to answer pressing questions. Punjab were the architects of their downfall. Despite that short run, it is criminal to lose a game when you need just 1 run off 3 balls.


About the Author

The post is written by Vignesh. Vignesh is a graduate from IIM Visakhapatnam who loves to watch Football and Cricket. He is a huge fan of CSK, Chelsea FC and Chennaiyin FC. He follows Tennis and Kabaddi as well and is an ardent supporter of Roger Federer

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