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KXIP Decimate RCB : 5 Talking points.

Let me begin this article by welcoming back the RCB fans, who had a safe trip to Cloud 9 and they have arrived back to earth. Too bad it had to be such a short trip. Let us see 5 reasons they had to come back so soon:

1) KL Rahul Begins:

The ex RCB man came back to haunt them as he built his innings patiently along with his statesman Mayank Agarwal. The duo had a 57 run opening partnership which gave Rahul a strong launchpad.

2) KL Rahul Goes On:

Rahul carefully negotiated RCB’s best bowler, Chahal and targeted other bowlers at the right time. We could see that it was not an easy wicket to bat on. Pooran, Agarwal and Maxwell weren’t as comfortable as Rahul was, which told us that you had to settle on the wicket to go berserk. And we got to see how RCB batsmen capitulated in the same wicket Rahul scored 132 runs.

3) KL Rahul Goes On and On:

At this stage Rahul started to go berserk. However he felt he had gone too far and offered his wicket as Guru Dakshina to Virat Kohli, which the latter magnanimously rejected. Assuming this as a green signal for onslaught, Rahul went on to score the highest individual score by an Indian ever in the IPL, 132. On the way, he had steam rolled Dale Steyn , pounded Dube and went easy on Umesh Yadav, who only conceded 35 runs from his 3 overs.

4) Cottrell and Shami finish the game by 9:45 PM

After Cottrell dismissed Kohli in the third over with the score at 4-3, the game was done. It was later dusted when de Villiers was out in the 9th over.

5) Bishnoi and Ashwin boost the Net run rate

The leggies ran riot with 3 wickets each as they bundled out a hapless RCB batting line up for 109 runs, 23 short of KL Rahul’s score.

After this game it was crystal clear that Punjab beat RCB fair and square in all departments. But what is not clear is whether RCB were so good vs SRH or were SRH so bad vs RCB. Someone please enlighten me on this aspect in the comments section.


About the Author

The post is written by Vignesh. Vignesh is a graduate from IIM Visakhapatnam who loves to watch Football and Cricket. He is a huge fan of CSK, Chelsea FC and Chennaiyin FC. He follows Tennis and Kabaddi as well and is an ardent supporter of Roger Federer

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