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Super League for World Cup 2023

We live in times of uncertainty and innovation. Where each one of us has to keep on re-inventing things to be successful. Sport is also no exception and with the evolving audience, It is up to the sporting boards to make changes according to the times. ICC has been at the forefront of this, Cricket is the only game that can be played in 3 different formats (Tests, One Day and T20). ICC has also been reinventing the game, with innovations like T20 and T10 ICC has been leading the pack.

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The good thing about cricket is even though with the presence of as many formats as possible, no format is losing its value and ICC made sure no format is left behind. Just as everybody thought that International Test Cricket is losing its charisma, ICC introduced World Test Championship in the foray and made sure every test playing nation gets a shot at the trophy and also it helps test cricket to have the prominence back. Now, ICC has not been done yet, many questioned the importance of ODI matches, we are at a time where we have a T20 tournament, the relevance of 2 teams fighting over a trophy didn’t make sense. And our basic human nature is to give importance to tasks where there is a lot at stake! ICC recognized this and viola! We have the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Super League.

So, what is this? To bring more context to ODI’s, this Super League tournament will determine the qualification of ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023! Till the 2019 World Cup, if the team is in top 8 rankings of ICC ODI rankings, they would have automatically qualified for the World Cup. But, now this is going to change the host nation will automatically qualify for the tournament which is India in this case and the remaining top 7 teams from the World Cup Super League will also qualify automatically. This Super league will feature 12 ICC Full Members and Netherlands. Each team will play four home and four away series and each series will consist of 3 ODI’s. A team gets 10 points for a win, 5 for a tie/no result/abandonment. And for the remaining 2 spots will be decided by the ICC Associate Teams Tournament. This Super League will Kick off with the Series between England and Ireland from 30th July 2020. ICC informed that more rules and fixture dates will be updated once it has met with ICC Member Boards.


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The post is written by Himanth. He is an alum of IIMV,a potter head, considers cricket his religion and Sachin his god.

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