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Updated: Jul 26, 2020

The 100

We are living in the times of innovation, where every other day somebody somewhere is trying to innovate the already perfect things! And sport is also not an exception! Especially cricket which has been the focal point of innovation. The sport over the years has changed its format from a grueling 5-day test match to a power-packed 20 over per side match, cricket has seen it all. But, experimentation has never stopped with this beautiful game and as a result of it now we have “THE HUNDRED!” You want to know more about it, then read on!

Photo by Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images for ECB

1) What is this “The HUNDRED”?

Well, it is a T20 match on steroids! Each innings will have 100 balls, and the rest is the same.

2) Where is it originated? And what teams are playing?

This is the brainchild of the “English Cricket Board”. This tournament will be played between 8 new teams. This tournament will be played by both men’s and women’s cricketers. And only 3 overseas players all allowed in the squad.

3) So, what’s the difference? Its will be the same competition between bat and ball!

Well, there have been some rule changes. Each bowler can bowl 20 balls maximum. And, in general, bowling side changes end after every 6 balls. But, in this tournament bowling side will change its end after 10 balls! Another significant rule change is a bowler can ball 5 or 10 balls consecutively!

4) Hmm.. Wonder how will bowlers adjust to that. Any other changes?

Haha, yup we saved the best for the last! The first 25 balls of an innings will be the duration of the power-play, and each side have been granted an optional strategic time out for 2 ½ minutes, the new addition is the team coach can walk into the middle and discuss strategies. Also, a maximum of only 5 fielders should be present on the leg side at any point in time during the game! And last but not least the ECB has not been kind to super overs! ( they are still cherishing their 2019 win!) They have eliminated super overs in leagues stages and in case of a tie, the points will be shared among the 2 teams! And in case of a knock out fixtures, if a game is tied, the team which lost a fewer number of wickets will be declared winner, and if the teams are tied in that criteria as well then the team which scored more number of runs after 30 balls will be declared the winner! And if the scores are leveled then it will go down to 25 balls so on and so forth! But, if in a tied game Duckworth/Lewis/Stern has been used then the result will be decided by a five ball super over!

Breathe! We know it’s a lot to take in! Now, grab a coffee and do let us know how do you fell about the new “The Hundred!”


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