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The Vettel Question

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

When Sebastian Vettel Signed for Ferrari in 2015, everybody believed it was a fairy tale in making. Vettel was the talk of the town then, he had won 4 out of 5 previous championships and the Italian team was rearing to have a driver like him. It was not only a business deal for Vettel, but it was also a childhood dream come true for him. How do you ask? The reason is Vettel’s role model and his fellow countryman, Michael Schumacher! Vettel would later admit that in his childhood his was in awe with Michael and his famous red car, he says “he always won in the red car and, I wanted to do the same!”

Photo by Xavier Bonilla/NurPhoto via Getty Images

So, what prompted the 4-time Champion to give up on his dream? He mentioned that it was not the issue of money. Reports claimed that he was only offered and extension of one year and whereas his teammate and rising F1 star Charles Leclerc had signed a deal with the Tifosi till 2024! Clearly stating that Seb might be asked to play the second fiddle in the team! It was not always difficult for Seb at the Maranello outfit. The initial years were bogged with a car which was not competitive. Vettel had a real chance at the title in 2017 where he leads the driver's championship at one point. But, he fell agonizingly short thanks to some strategic and mechanical errors. But, the death blow came in 2019 when Ferrari signed one young Charles Leclerc. Everybody expected that Charles will play the second fiddle. But, Charles had other plans and the tension was seen in the Ferrari camp. Vettel might have felt that he was no longer the number uno choice for the team. Strangely the reason for joining and leaving Ferrari are personal and emotional.

What next for the German? The next curious thing to ask is where is heading next? Considering that Ferrari is in talks with Carlos Sainz of Mclaren and Daniel Riccardo of Renault, it might be safe to say that Seb will be having discussions with both these teams. Mclaren has shown great improvement in the last year championship and has made a strong point that the British team will eye for lot more podium finishes. Renault, on the other hand, has struggled in last years championship and it will be interesting to see how they go about this year. And a fun fact is Vettel has won all his 4 championships with the help of a Renault engine. Ultimately both Renault and Mclaren are battling out for midfield supremacy and it is a matter of concern whether can they produce a championship-winning car by next year?!

Will he get back? Will he get back to the team where the greatness began? Yes, you guessed it! Will he get back to RedBull? RedBull and Vettel make a good pair but, without Max Verstappen! The Dutchman has signed a 3 year deal with RedBull and it will last until 2023. If Vettel decides to go back to Redbull, he will be asked to play the second fiddle! And hey! That was the reason he might have walked out from the Ferrari deal!

Now comes the real question, will Mercedes make a move on Vettel? Even though reports are suggesting that Hamilton might not leave the German Outfit just yet. You have to remember that it is a German outfit and they might not shy away from helping their fellow German driver and who knows Vettel might do what Schumacher was not able to!


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The post is written by Himanth. He is an alum of IIMV ,a potter head, considers cricket his religion and sachin his god.

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